Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") is an independent and privately owned developer of CAE software tools for a growing

FEMtools Framework

The framework includes data interfaces, database management utilities, mesh generation and manipulation tools, parame

FEMtools Dynamics
FEMtools Dynamics Pedestrian Bridge Example

FEMtools Dynamics contains tools for:

FEMtools Pretest & Correlation
Pretest and Correlation of Disk Drive

FEMtools Pretest & Correlation contains tools for:

FEMtools Optimization
FEMtools Optimization Structural Dynamics

FEMtools Optimization is a toolbox for solving general optimization problems and more specifically for structural des

FEMtools Model Updating
FEMtools Schematic - Model Updating Flow Chart

FEMtools Model Updating contains modules for: Sensitivity Analysis - Analyses how changes of parameters influences th