SoundPLAN Rail Module

SoundPLAN Rail Noise Module allows the development of noise projects with rail road traffic and parking lots. Over 16+ rail noise standards are implemented and include the FRA - High Speed Ground Transportation Manual from Sept. 2012 and the FTA – Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment 2006. 

To create a Rail Noise model requires the input of the project geometry, the assembly of the trains, the traffic information for each track section.  For the FTA and FRA modeling SoundPLAN is providing a library of vehicles and trains.  The vehicle library includes the data from the FTA and FRA standard.  The user can updated the emission levels and source heights.  In the SoundPLAN train library the user can select from predefined trains or add new train configuration as required in the project. 

In the train vehicle library the user add new vehicles and specify the sub sources, the source height above the rail, SEL, the reference length and the speed factor (k).

In the train library the user can assemble the train by selecting the train vehicles, the number of units and the reference length of each unit.  For each train the user specifies the maximum speed.

The predicted noise levels for rail projects can include single receiver computation, noise contour maps or cross section maps.  The calculation can include the average hourly sound level (Leq) or the Lmax level during a single train pass-by.