SoundPLAN Facade Noise Module

The Façade Noise Map arranges receivers to be calculated on all façades of buildings. Receivers can be placed for each floor, or at a single height from the ground. The results are used for two main purposes; to show the noise levels at buildings and to generate the data for the noise statistics where the number of exposed people are tallied. The conventional Façade Noise Map includes the capabilities to shade a facade point by point, to shade the façade in accordance to the maximum noise level found on the façade, or to color the entire building in the color of the highest noise level found anywhere on the building.

The Façade Noise Map can be displayed as a site map view or as a 3D model. Formatting options allow buildings to be displayed with the calculation points superimposed, or the entire façade shaded according to a user defined scale. For the display of single receivers, it is possible to select different icons to distinguish between noise levels exceeding the noise limit and noise levels that are acceptable.

Meshed Noise Map (Facade & Grid Noise Module)

The combination of Grid Noise Map and Facade Noise Map Module give the access to a meshed grid computation.  The mesh is developed during the calculation.  It is based upon an initial triangle size, the maximum triangle size and the project objects that determine where changes of the acoustic field are expected.  So close to noise sources, obstacles (buildings, barriers) the kernel will decrease the mesh and it will increase the mesh in areas where the acoustic field is fairly homogenous.  The advantage of the meshed computation is that you have less points, typically higher resolution and every point is computed.  Because every point is computed all the spectral contribution will be saved for every mesh point.  With that the user can show the overall noise contour map, the octave or third octave band contour maps or user defined frequency band for each assessment time period for any frequency weighting (linear, A, B, C or D weighted)