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SoundPLANessential is a compact software solution for noise simulation of smaller projects. It was conceptualized from the start for the occasionally user.  The software has the same core as the SoundPLANnoise software. SoundPLANessential is characterized by a simple, straight forward and intuitive user interface. The program is optimized for standard noise simulation cases and can be used efficiently after only a short period of familiarization.

PDF Brochure SoundPLANessential Brochure  

SoundPLAN Essential Noise Models can include:
  • Transportation Sources (Road, Railroads, Parking lots)
  • General Community Noise Sources (Plant, Substation, Wind Energy, Restaurants, Amphitheater, Car Wash, Mining Operation.
    The source are entered as point, line and area sources with 1/1 and 1/3 Octave Band Noise Source sound power levels (1 Hz to 20 kHz)
SoundPLAN Essential Modeling Objects include:
  • Elevation lines and Spot Elevations – the objects are used to generate a digital ground model (DGM). The DGM is a continuously triangulated mesh.
  • Noise Protection Walls and Noise Protection Berms (e.g. obstacles)
  • Buildings (e.g., reflective surface and obstacle)
  • Mitigation Areas (i.e., Forest or Housing)
  • Ground Definition (i.e., how absorptive / reflective is the ground)
  • Receptors and Calculation Area
SoundPLAN Essential Features:
  • Any model size project – no limits in number of objects
  • Interfacing to Google Maps for geo-referenced aerials and topographical information (i.e., spot elevation
  • Import of Open Street Map information (i.e, buildings outline, road & rail alignment, ..) 
  • DXF and GIS Shape File import, or digitize from bitmaps (i.e., aerial or drawings)
  • Easy presentation of scenario with or without a noise protection barrier
  • Calculations based on Digital Ground Model
  • Local modeling standards (e.g., TNM, ISO 9613, FTA/FRA)
  • Easy to use graphical data interface
  • Striking grid noise and contour maps

Result Tables and Graphics:

The emission level calculations and the results of the noise propagation are presented in tabular form in predefined tables. Additional text can be added for map descriptions and you can customize the layout for each object.

  • Tabular documentation of source properties
  • Documentation of source contribution levels
  • Level tables show the noise level for all floors and time slices
  • Limit contour lines option


SoundPLAN Essential predicts the noise levels for single receivers and develops noise contour maps based upon grid noise calculations. A “single receiver” calculation shows the noise levels, assesses the correct time slots and applies the level additions for the noise descriptor required in the country for all receivers and floors. The level chart shows the magnitude of the noise received.
Graphic shows:

  • Bitmap background
  • Buildings Road Input (Freeway & Access Roads)
  • Elevation Lines
  • Receiver Locations
  • Ldn, Leq,day, Leq,night Noise Contours without Contour Lines (user defined) Project
  • Description On-site pictures

SoundPLAN essential Demo Version: Please download the file to your hard disk (i.e., c:\temp). To install the software unzip the file ( and start the installation by click on the “InstallSPES3.0.exe”. SoundPLAN Essential V2 Download (~ 72 Mb)

Note: The demo version will install 3 example projects on your system. You will be able to review the projects and play with the data and results. The demo version does not save any changes.

Implemented Standards

The SoundPLAN essential v5.1 software incorporates 25+ noise modeling standards.  For the North American market SoundPLAN essential v5.1 provides a set of model solutions / standards for outdoor noise modeling that include:

1.    General environmental noise model (point, line area sources)
  • ISO 9613-2 – Acoustics Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors Part 2: General method of calculation
  • Nord2000 – Nordic Prediction Method 
  • CNOSSOS – CNOSSOS-EU Industry:2021/2015 
2.    Road Traffic Noise
  • TNM v3.1 (c) Traffic Noise Model
  • Nord2000 Road
  • CNOSSOS -EU 2021 Road
3.    Rail Noise Model
  • FRA Federal Rail Adminstration – High-Speed Ground Transportation Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment  [ DOT/FRA/ORD-12/15 ]
  • FTA  Federal Transportation Administation – Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment [FTA-VA-90-1003-06 ]
  • CNOSSOS-EU 2015 – Rail
Outdoor Modeling with SoundPLAN Essential
SoundPLAN Essential v5 Highlights
SoundPLAN Essential v4 Highlights
Import Spot Elevation and Aerial Map
Enter Buildings and HVAC Point Sources
Enter Ground Model and Receptor Locations
Enter Calculation Area and Grid Noise Map Calculation
Enter Perimeter Wall and additional Buildings
Adding Buildings, Receptors, Result Tables and Graphic Outputs
FHWA Road Input, Result Tables and Graphic Outputs
Essential Model review and Graphic
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