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APS Dynamics Inc. Shaker & Amplifiers


The Company began operations in Anaheim, California in 1971 as Acoustic Power Systems, Inc. Initially, the Company specialized in the development of high power acoustic generators. Subsequently, the company focused on the development of electro-dynamic shakers and power amplifiers. The Company's name was changed in 1989 to APS Dynamics, Inc. which reflects the current product line and area of specialization. In 2008, SPEKTRA Vibration and Acoustics Engineering acquired APS Dynamics and now operates its facilities in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

APS Dynamics, Inc. customer base in the United States includes major U.S. Government contractors, the Defense Department, NASA and other Government Agencies, universities and research organizations, numerous manufactures and engineering firms. Internationally the customer base includes manufacturers, universities, research firms and Government Agencies in fourteen countries.

All design, engineering and manufacturing are done at its Carlsbad location. The continuing objective of the Company is to provide its customers with innovative, reliable systems for generating controlled vibrations in application fields which include modal test excitation, calibration and component test.

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