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ZORBA - Sound Absorption Prediction Software

Zorba – Sound Insulation Prediction Software

Product Features:

  • Predicts the sound absorption coefficients of porous materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool and polyester
  • Predicts both normal and random incidence absorption
  • Simple input of physical parameters
  • Predicts performance of perforated, slatted and panel absorbers
  • Estimates both the random incidence and normal incidence absorption coefficients as well as acoustic impedance
  • Up to two layers of different materials per absorber

Implemented Absorber Models

Zorba implemented the following Absorber Models:

  • Allard & Champoux
  • Delay + Bazley
  • Mechel
  • Dunn + Davey
  • Stinson
  • Beranek
  • Rayleigh
  • Allard + Champoux modified
  • Wassilieff
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