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N&V Engineering Services

Navcon provides noise consulting and vibration consulting services in various fields.

Technical Training

Over 35 years Navcon has been offering training classes on Hands-On Modal Testing and Analysis Seminars, Validation and Updating of FE Models, Environmental Noise and SoundPLAN Software

Sales & Support

Navcon provides sales and support for various hardware and software solutions.

Vertical Pump Modal Test
Compressor Room Noise Survey
Car Wash Noise
Ground Vibration Excitation
Pass-by Noise Survey

Discover our Noise and Vibration Consulting Services

Noise and Vibrations has a multitude of effects on our environment, society, product development, research, communication, planning and design. As part of modern civilizations standards and legal ruling have been developed and are continuously updated to set parameters for equipment limits, city, state or federal requirements. Let us help you with your noise and vibration consulting needs.

Noise Consulting Services

VIbration Consulting Services

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Technical Trainings

Navcon Engineering Network conducts seminars and workshops on a variety of noise and vibration related topics. Educating between 80 to 125 engineers and technicians per year, each training is custom tailored for the specific audience.

Custom Tailored Seminars

Automotive Noise & Vibration

Modal Testing & Analysis

Digital Signal Processing

Environmental Noise Modeling

Outdoor & Indoor Noise Modeling

Underwater Noise Modeling

Duct / Silencer Noise Modeling

And More...!

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