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Software Products Noise / Vibration

Navcon Engineering Network distributes a software products for modeling outdoor & indoor noise propagation, room to room transmission, surface absorption prediction, 3D impulse response measurement visualization, underwater noise propoagation and silencer acoustics

Software Products - Noise / Acoustics

SoundPLANnoise logo


SoundPLANnoise is the software used by users that regularly develop noise models and create noise reports.  SoundPLANnoise has extensive capabilities in regards to data management and the processing of small, medium, larger & more complex projects. The SoundPLANnoise software comes as single user license or floating network license.

SoundPLANessential logo


SoundPLANessential offer a compact software solution for noise simulation in the context of smaller projects. The software was developed for the occasionally user.  Essential has the same core of its “big brother” SoundPLANnoise, but it has a streamlined graphic user interface.  The GUI is intuitive and the learning curve short as the software targets the essential features for a efficient and quick model generation and project completion. The SoundPLANessential software is available as single user license.

SoundPLANmanda Logo


SoundPLANmanda offers a quick and easy noise mapping and analysis software for noise at work. You don’t have to be an expert to document your noise measurements efficiently and in a structured way. With the program-supported calculation of noise exposure at the workplace, risk assessment becomes child’s play. SoundPLANmanda is available as single user and network license.



INSUL is a program for predicting the sound insulation of walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and windows. Impact sound and rain noise of floors and roof. The programm can make good estimates of the Transmission Loss (TL) or Impact Sound (Ln) in 1/1 or 1/3 octave bands and Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC or Rw) or Impact Rating (IIC or LnTw) for use in noise transfer calculations or acoustical design or specification. INSUL is available as single user, network and annual cloud license.

SIDLAB software logo


SIDLAB Suite is a combination of software and hardware solutions for the analysis and measurement of sound generation and propagation inside duct networks. This can be applied to Intake and Exhaust systems, Power generation, Oil & Gas pipe networks and HVAC systems. SIDLAB is available as single user or floating network license.

dBSea Logo


dbSea is an underwater noise prediction and visualisation software. dBSea enables powerful and accurate prediction of underwater noise levels for a wide range of environments and scenarios. dBSea is available as single and annual cloud license.


IRIS 3D Impulse System

IRIS is a powerful and user friendly measurement system for capturing and analyzing room impulse responses in 3D.  IRIS comes as software only or as software with measurement kit.  The IRIS system offers 3D acoustic impulse response measurement and visualization. IRIS is available as single user license.


Zorba an engineering software tool for predicting the absorption performance of porous systems with perforated facings. Zorba is available as single user license.

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