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ME'scope VES Software


With ME’scopeVES, looking at ODS’s is as easy as moving a cursor through your measurements and observing an animated display of your data. ME’scopeVES can sweep through a set of time histories and animate the response of a structure, or show the structure’s behavior while dwelling at a time, frequency or machine order.

ME’scopeVES has been specifically designed to make it easy for you to observe and analyze a variety of vibration, acoustic, and strength of materials problems in machines and structures. It utilizes multi-channel time or frequency domain experimental data, acquired during the operation of a machine, or the static or dynamic loading of a structure. Packages and Options

ME’scopeVES has a package or option combination available to meet your needs and budget.

Vibration Packages

  • Visual ODS – Our entry level package. Import time or frequency data and see how your structure is moving.
  • Visual ODS Pro – All the features of Visual ODS, plus additional signal processing features to help show how much your machine or structure is really moving.
  • Visual Modal – All of the features of Visual ODS Pro, plus modal parameter estimation so you can look at resonances.
  • Visual Modal Pro – All of the features of Visual Modal, plus advanced modal parameter estimation tools to let you look at complex problems and MIMO analysis tools to let you look at the effects that changes in operating loads will have on the dynamic behavior of your equipment.
  • Visual SDM – All of the features of Visual Modal Pro, plus Structural Modifications, which lets you test changes to you equipment before you actually make them. Structural Modifications lets you test whether a change is likely to help solve a vibration problem.
  • Visual SDM Pro – All of the features of Visual SDM, plus finite element functionality. Use your measured data, along with finite elements to estimate the stresses and strains within your structure.

Vibro-Acoustics Packages

  • Visual Vibro-Acoustics Pro – All of the features of Visual Modal Pro plus Acoustics. See how your structure moves and look at its resonances, plus look at the sound intensities around your structure.
  • Visual STN – All of the features of Visual SDM plus Acoustics
  • Visual STN Pro – All of the features of Visual SDM Pro plus Acoustics. 

For more information or application questions – please contact: Jim Steedman  or call us at 714-441-3488

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