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The SoundPLAN software is an acoustical planning and modeling tool with a wide range of applications (Urban Planning, Environmental Assessment, Noise Analysis, Noise Control Optimization, Field Noise Mapping, OSHA / MSHA,….).  The SoundPLAN  software development started in 1986 with the original two founders (Gert Braunstein and Arne Berndt) and has grown to a 25+ person software development and acoustical engineering power house  

SoundPLAN is a three dimensional graphics oriented engineering software. It hosts a digitizer and numerous digital data interface. The software produces color noise contour plots and tabulations of the input data and results. SoundPLAN includes a noise wall / barrier design optimization utilities and an industrial noise optimization module. The various Graphic displays help to visualize the benefit of noise control measures in terms of cost vs. noise level reduction.

SoundPLAN was introduced in the United States in 1992. It is an established and traceable software product and has a long history of use throughout the world. Over 2500+ copies of SoundPLAN have been sold in Asia, Western Europe and North America and there are now more than 5000+ users. SoundPLAN is an unique.

The SoundPLANnoise software is modular and comes with Basic Module, Calculation Modules, Tools & Add-Ons, Graphic Modules and Data Exchange interfaces. Below please find a module summary and description.  

Basic & Calculation Modules

Tools & Add-ons 

Graphic Modules

Data Exchange Utilities

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