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SIDLAB Software

SIDLAB - Propagation of Sound in Ducts.

SIDLAB Acoustics will model the generation and propagation of low frequency sound in complex duct networks.

The frequency range is limited to the plane wave region in the connecting pipes. It is based on linear acoustic theory and all elements, e.g., a complex muffler, are reduced to two-ports while terminations and sources are represented as one-ports. A number of standard elements representing common duct and pipe elements as well as basic muffler types are available as building blocks, which can be connected to form a network. All standard element models are validated and are based on the best and most recent models published in the literature.

SIDLAB GUI Introduction
SIDLAB Accessing Tutorial models & Help
SIDLAB Simple Expansion Chamber
SIDLAB Helmholtz Resonator
SIDLAB Modeling a Quarter Wavelength Resonator
SIDLAB Effect of Muffler Location on Transmission Loss and Insertion Loss
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