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The APS 0109 Zero-Position-Controller automatically controls the zero position of a vibration exciter irrespective of the payload. It is essential to employ a position controller of type APS 0109 especially when working with a vibration exciter without any integrated load compensation.

The control characteristics of the APS 0109 can be adjusted, thus it can easily be adapted to different types of shakers in vertical or horizontal operation directions. Additionally the controller contains a number of monitoring and control functions like overtravel detection or air pressure loss detection that efficiently prevent any overload or damage of the connected vibration exciter. The APS 0109 is intended for the automatic control of vibration systems with integrated power amplifiers that can supply an offset-free DC voltage.

Main Features

  • Automatic load compensation
  • Linear characteristics allow lower harmonic distortion
  • Works with different position sensors
  • RS232 interface e.g. for integration with SPS controller
  • Overload and air pressure loss detection possible
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