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FEMtools Framework

FEMtools Framework

An Interactive Desktop and Scripting Environment for Engineering Analysis and CAE Process Automation

FEMtools Framework is a multi-functional environment for advanced engineering application development, integration, and automation. The framework includes data interfaces, database management utilities, mesh generation and manipulation tools, parameter and response management, state-of-the-art data visualization, plus a full featured scripting language and API function library.  

Optionally, FEMtools Framework includes a standard finite element library and solvers for linear static and normal modes analysis. Extended analysis functionality is available in FEMtools Dynamics. Alternatively, standard external solvers like ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC.Nastran, NX Nastran, LS-DYNA, SAP2000 or in-house solvers can easily be integrated and piloted as part of larger analysis processes.

This open and flexible CAE application development platform is used by analysts to integrate their tools, and create vertical applications that meet the specific requirements of an industry. A unique capability of FEMtools Framework is the integration of data resulting from experimental static or dynamic testing.

FEMtools Framework is used by Dynamic Design Solutions for the development of its dedicated tools like test planning, FE-test correlation, model updating, add-ons and utilities. Furthermore, a growing number of customers and development partners are working on integrating their existing tools or developing entirely new tools that exploit the framework infrastructure and re-usable components. This is a more efficient approach than developing new applications from the ground-up. Some examples of development projects by customers and partners are integration of acoustics solvers, fluid-structure interaction solvers, modal analysis automation, custom test planning, substructure synthesis, and vibration-based material identification.



Key Features
  • Convert finite element and test data into a uniform, structured relational database.
  • Analyze, visualize, manage and report your engineering simulation and test data.
  • Solve for static and dynamic responses using built-in solvers or by piloting in-house or standard commercial solvers.
  • Use FEMtools Script with hundreds of built-in math and API functions to access all data and create your own functions and programs.

FEMtools Framework is a software-neutral CAE application development tool mainly used for developing tools that exploit hybrid test and analysis databases. It provides the foundation for all FEMtools products and for products developed by independent partners.

As a stand-alone tool, FEMtools Framework can be used as a utility software for

  • Data transformations – normalization, expansion, reduction,…
  • Data translation – Convert FE mesh, FEA results or test data files from one format to another.
  • Pre- and post-processing of FEA and test data – mesh generation and viewing.
  • CAE process integration and automation – solver-independent, customized analysis processes and user interfaces (GUI).
  • Programming vertical applications using FE and/or test data.

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