SoundPLAN Indoor Factory
Indoor Factory Noise Module - Modeling Inside to Outside

The Indoor Factory Noise Module calculates the noise levels inside manufacturing rooms based opon VDI 3760. SoundPLAN unique implemented of VDI 3760 all the user to overcome the restrictions of this VDI guideline. It is possible to account for any room shape, local screening effects, and local absorption areas. The user has the ability to optimize sensible noise reduction measures like absorbers and screens in rooms with work places.

The complete integration in the SoundPLAN software package takes advantage of the existing input and output capabilities. The input data such as source emission and surface absorption spectra can be organized in the project library.  The system library already containing hundreds of 1/1 or 1/3 octave bands reference data.

The computed results can be single values at working places, sound decay curves (Sound Propagation Curve), reverberation times (based on Sabine / Ehring) and horizontal and vertical noise maps.

Cross-section noise map


A cross-sectional noise map in the factory with the roof removed and the walls semi transparent gives the viewer a much better understanding where the noise problems are in the factory.

Design Improvement with Partitions

The noise map after some quiet zones were established with partitions.