Run Kernel - Calculation
Manage Model Setup and Result Processing

The Calculation Program consists of three elements.

  • Run File editor [compile calculation runs, calculation settings (standards, settings, input data, results specific paramters)
  • Logbook         [documents the calculation steps]
  • Graphics             [graphic representation of the current computation, sound level diagrams for Single Point, noise contour map for Grid Map Calculation]


Run Setup

For each run the user give the specific identifying run name (description), select / set a group name, select a calculation type and select the input data (situation, digital ground model - DGM) and result file number. 

The software allows the setting of defaults for the general propagation settings (Single Point, Facade Noise, Grid Noise Map), select standards (i.e., road, rail road, industry, parking lot) and environmental paramters, the assessment (i.e., Ld - day, Ln - night, Ldn - day/night, Ln,1hr - loudest hour during the night, etc.)., the result that are generated.  For each run the user is encourage to document the caluclation in the Description Tab. 


Modeling Standards

The SoundPLAN software has over 60+ noise prediction standard implemented.  The user can select the default standard and prediciton paramter for the standard.   For each run it is possible to change the parameters (e.g., Concawe - Wind Direction, Speed, Temperature, Humidity) to compute the variablity of these parameter on the noise propagation.